Dear Baxter,

Well, it's that time of year again. Most Sundays I'm able to weasel my way out of tagging along to church with my wife. Christmas and Easter I make an exception just to keep my wife happy. You know, happy wife, happy life. I know it's not such a big deal, I mean it's only an hour out of my life but the ritual of it all makes me feel uneasy. Oh, and the singing. How many times can you repeat a chorus? Any suggestion on how I might make the whole church experience a little more bearable?

Stan  St Cloud, MN

Hey Stan,
I know exactly how you feel. it's not really my comfort zone either. I'm no atheist but the whole church thing makes me feel a little out of place. I didn't go for a long time and when I finally did go to a service, I was sure the baptismal would start to bubble when I walked in. What I do when there is just get what ever I can from the experience. Usually, there is a good message in there somewhere. The singing? I agree with you. I tell my wife it's just filler. I can't imagine how annoyed God must get listening to a hundred thousand churches all singing different songs at the same time. Anyway Stan, grin and bear it


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