Dear Baxter,

My husband and I have an ongoing dispute over leaving the living room drapes open. He likes to leave them open in the cooler weather because he claims the sun shining in keeps the house warmer, which may be. But, every morning when I get out of the shower, I walk naked into the living room to turn on the TV so I can listen while I am getting dressed. I've begged him to leave the drapes closed in the morning and I'll open them later when I'm dressed. Yesterday, I stepped out of the shower and walked into the living room butt naked and my neighbor waved at me. How embarrassing! I don't know what I can say to get it across to him that I need this to stop. It;'s especially bad when it's still dark in the morning when the lights are on, I might as well be on TV. Please help.

Tammy    Sauk Rapids, MN

Well Tammy, I can see your dilemma but i think you are looking at this all wrong. I don't think your husband is purposely trying to expose your assets to the neighborhood. Did you ever think that just maybe he is mighty darn proud of his woman and wants to share your beauty with everyone? Okay, that might be a stretch. I suggest you invest in a robe and be done with it. Hope this helps. BTW, where exactly do you live?


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