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Dear Baxter,

My wife and I have been married for two years and were renting a house until recently. One day we were watching HGTV's episode on these new tiny houses that are all the rave.  My wife thought it would be a cool idea to buy one.  "Just think how close together we could be all the time", she said.  Well, in my opinion we are TOO close, ALL the time.  I love her but when I'm home she's only 2 feet away from me, always.  Now she wants to start a family.  Holy crap, we'd have to string a hammock up in the bathroom for the baby. Besides that, this house is so small, I can't get an erection unless I open the door first. Any suggestions?


Derek   Becker, MN


That's a tough one.  If your wife is coming down with baby fever, perhaps you should surprise her with some new bay furniture.  When she sees that won't fit in the house, she will come to the conclusion that you will need a bigger house.  If that doesn't work, I can't help you.



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