Remember when Def Leppard and Journey co-headlined at Target Field last year? Yeah, I didn't go. I like both of those bands (especially Journey) and I would've loved to have gone, but let’s be real here – going to those types of concerts get very expensive and very time consuming.

Not to mention, I’m a total introvert, and that means I really dislike being around that many people once. If you’re like me and hate crowds and would rather save your money, a good alternative to seeing Def Leppard is the Def Leggend show at Northern Lights Casino in Walker on June 14th. These guys are a pretty impressive group. 80s music isn’t exactly easy to cover.


A lot of those songs are deceivingly technical and Def Leggend nails it. Personally, I prefer more intimate shows like this to the stadium shows anyway, so this is a good substitute for me. The show starts at 9 pm and you can get a ticket online now.

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