This past weekend was a great time at the Xcel - as we welcomed Telsa, Poison and Def Leppard to St. Paul!

On Friday (April 21st) my boyfriend Dustin and I got ready for some high energy hair-band rockin' at the Xcel Energy Center. The night started off with Tesla opening the doors, followed by Poison (celebrating 30 years) and of course the headliner Def Leppard!

To be honest, I am not a hair-band fan. I do not listen to it by choice, but when you are in a venue with THOUSANDS of people who love and adore the era it is basically impossible to not have a good time. The energy surrounding the 80's music is infectious, and I danced just as hard as everyone else. As for the people in attendance, you could have told me that it was a middle-aged Ladies Night Out.

Def Leppard comes to Minnesota every year with a new lineup. And it's amazing how many people show up every time! Literally every seat in the Xcel was filled, and it's no surprise as to why they keep coming back. The British hair band did an awesome job melting everyone's faces of with their back-to-back hits. We came, we rocked, and had a great time!

Check out the pictures from the concert below. And also, take a look at our Concert Calendar so you can get out there yourself!

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