Last year was brutal.  And we have just recently come out of the drought conditions that we were dealing with all of last summer.  The only good thing about that situation was that your outdoor plans were generally not wrecked by a rainy day.  But we definitely needed a lot more rain than what we got!

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This year has started out with some unseasonably cool temperatures and summer has been taking it's sweet time getting here.  Yes, I do realize that the actual "summer" season isn't here yet. But once May begins, I feel like it should be warmer than it is.

I also deal with people saying "If you don't like the winter, then move!".  So annoying.  I do actually like the 4 seasons that we have here in Minnesota.  I just would like them to stay in their lane.  Every three months.  Winter is just greedy.  It's like 5-6 months long. Then then other 3 seasons are packed into the other 6 months.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, and take that one for what it is, a prediction, after we get through this slow start, the summer is supposed to be "sizzling" with some chances of scattered precipitation.  Ok. So, not a crazy drought like last year.  But some of the other areas in the states will be very dry and warm, hot even.  But the prediction also says that we may have some unseasonably cool temperatures in September.

You can check out the entire prediction here.  It's interesting to read this stuff, then find out how accurate those predictions are. Last year was pretty much dead on.

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