Paul Bunyan and Babe the blue ox. one of the most famous icons associated with Northern Minnesota.  But I always think of the two statues that are located in Bemidji.  I don't usually think of the others that are in different places, but all in Northern Minnesota.  And I certainly didn't realize that there are 6 stops that you can make on a "Paul Bunyan Road Trip".

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As mentioned, these two are located in Bemidji.  These are probably the best known statues in Minnesota. It's one of those "must do" photo ops that people have when traveling in the area.


I didn't realize this even existed.  Where have I been?  Paul Bunyan's resting place is located in the Paul Bunyan Memorial Park, as strange as that is.  The park is located in Kellihar, Minnesota.  The marker simply states "Here lies Paul, and that's all".  Fitting.


This statue is HUGE!  And it is located in Akeley. It sits right outside the Paul Bunyan Historial Museum.  If you want to take the road trip to check out all of the arifacts in the museum, maybe make plans for the last full weekend in June, as that weekend is the Paul Bunyan Days Festival


When I heard this one... I thought that I obviously need to study a bit more about the giant lumberjack.  Who is Lucette??  If you are like me, and living under a rock, Lucette was Paul Bunyan's sweetheart.  Her statue is located in Hackensack.


There is a statue of Paul Bunyan waving his hand to welcome you as you walk into the Explore Brainerd Lakes Welcome Center and Gift Shop.  Great photo opportunity there too.


Everyone wants a picture with Babe, right?  There is an amusement park in Brainerd, Paul Bunyan Land which once was shuttered, but now is open again.  It's a seasonal park that is located just outside of Brainerd.

Road Trip done!  But probably end at the top with Paul Bunyan Memorial Park, and start with Paul Bunyan Land if you want to make all of the stops.  Make a weekend of it, it's about 3 and a half hours total of drive time from one end to the other.  Plus the time it takes you from the St. Cloud area to Brainerd.

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