Don't worry- it has reopened.  But there were a few days in which this popular take out restaurant had closed.  Val's Rapid Service is a place that a lot of people count on for quick service and delicious fast food.  It's always busy.   But apparently there was a problem.  

Laura Bradshaw

Val's has always passed the health code inspections.  Until this one.  Who knew that where you store the food, even though it was cold enough, and nothing was in danger of spoiling, can be an issue??  Learning lesson for everyone involved.  Maybe the idea would be to expand a bit .  But part of the charm of the restaurant is the small, quaint space.  It's the way it has always been.  It looks like you stepped back in to the 50s or 60s... which is basically where it was when it opened.  It has that cool nostalgic feel that everyone loves.  To have to change would be a bummer.

For now... it's open and having to make a few changes to make it work.