When weird stuff like this happens I'm always wondering 'how in the world did that get there'??  There may be a good theory on how this could have happened.  It seems like the best "guess" that anyone will be able to figure out.

Back in the 40s when these two kids were in junior high, they stole a monkey from Dayton's pet store... back when there was a pet store at Dayton's.  Can you even imagine?  Anyway, they brought it home, and obviously it wasn't house broken.  Duh.  So they brought back the money and just let it go in the store.  It must have crawled up in the ceiling or something.  Couldn't get out, died and was never found again... until the building is now being renovated into other businesses.

Kind of makes you wonder what else you could find in walls and ceilings of those old buildings downtown Minneapolis, or other places.

Cool story, though, huh?

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