Image Credit: Isanti Police Department via Facebook
Image Credit: Isanti Police Department via Facebook

Last week, in the cold and darkness of night, a piece of Cold War history crept through at least one Minnesota town. A plane used to track Soviet subs if they came too close to the US border was trailered through Isanti overnight, and one officer managed to take a few photos of the midnight traveler.

In the early morning hours of February 6, 2024, with the help of the Minnesota State Patrol, a piece of Cold War History was moved through the back roads of Isanti County, including a drive down Heritage Boulevard. Its destination: Princeton Municipal Airport.
The plane, a Grumman SF2 Tracker, or “Stoof”, was moved via a flatbed trailer, and took up more than one lane of traffic. The plane was transported overnight to have the least impact on other drivers. This plane was used by the Navy to track Soviet submarines that got too close to American soil.
Thanks to Officer Welfring for the photos.

The Grumman S2F was heading through Isanti on its way to the Princeton Municipal Airport.

The Grumman S2F had more than 1,200 built and they were primarily used by the US Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Australian Navy, and the Argentine Navy. The last plane was pulled from service in 1976. Some of the S2F planes are still in use today but as a firefighting plane rather than chasing off Soviet submarines.

The plane will eventually be a part of the Flight Expos collection at the Princeton Municipal Airport, the plane will undergo some restoration first.

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