It seems like every kid (toddler) I've seen lately is fascinated by dinosaurs. There are themed birthday parties, pajamas, bedding, toys, you name it, there is some sort of dinosaur for whatever you'd like for you dinosaur loving child and/or family member.

Now, they are "invading" the parking lot at the Mall of America in Bloomington.  This runs Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through Thursday, July 11.  Tickets are on sale now, so you can book your time to enter the tour.  Tickets are $49 for a car load of up to 8 people.  The tour takes about 45 minutes, audio included.  There are 50-60 dinosaurs along the tour, and it says that they are "museum" quality.  And it's fun for the family with a trivia game.

It almost sounds like a real "Jurassic Park" moment in real life.  But not in that scary "I'm going to eat you" kind of way.  It's like the movie before everything went haywire.

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This show is a traveling exhibit, so that's why it's just here in Minnesota for a couple of weeks. Safety is also top priority- some COVID protocols will be in place. The website has this statement:

We strive to make Dinosaur Drive Thru a safe and enjoyable experience for the whole family. The attraction is fully COVID-safe, as all participants can stay in their own car throughout the tour. Our team always wears masks, practices social distancing and frequently sanitizes surfaces.

So, make plans to take your dinosaur loving family to see these prehistoric creatures up close and personal from your vehicle.

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