District 742 finalized its budget Wednesday.
The District 742 school board unanimously approved the $165 million budget for the 2022-2023 school year.
Amy Skaalerud is the Executive Director of Finance and Business Services for the district. She says cost increases due to inflation have been factored into this budget.

The revenue and the final allocation of the budget were in May, so we had already started to see those increases and have factored some of those in. Transportation is the biggest, we're fortunate that a big portion of our transportation budget is special education transportation, and that is reimbursed at 100%. But certainly, those cost increases are all over the place.


To see the 2022-2023 budget, click here.

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District 742 also got its first look at a 10-year facility maintenance plan.
Skaalerud says a few roofing projects have already been scheduled for next summer.

The biggest of those is the Apollo roof. So that is the B wing at Apollo, that roof is in critical need in terms of where our repairs are at. And so that is scheduled. The Apollo tennis courts need resurfacing North Window Replacement self lockers and then looking at the retaining wall at McKinley, and then Westwood restrooms. Those are the site-specific projects at this point.

Eight million dollars worth of projects is expected in the 2023-2024 school year.
School Board Vice-Chair Al Dahlgren says the maintenance projects were a priority due to meetings with parents and teachers.

The community message was very clear. They do not want us to wait to maintain our properties, they really want us to take care of the property. And this budget allows us to stay current.

To see a list of the projects, click here.

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