I'm not one to call in sick to work. I think in the last 30 years, I've had to call in sick twice and both times I was in the hospital.

Once, when I was working an overnight shift at a rock radio station in Orlando, I had a bad case of the flu but didn't want to miss work. So, I threw on a bathrobe and a pair of high top sneakers and went to work. I didn't worry about getting anyone else sick because I was the only one there.

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When COVID hit, most employers preferred that you just stay home if you're not feeling well. I'd bet that this was most likely being taken advantage of from time to time.

According to ZAPPIA, someone went through Google Trends and ranked states by how many times people in every state Googled "call in sick".  It makes sense that if you actually Googled this, that you were probably going to call in sick, right?

Well, the good news is that Minnesota wasn't #1 and the bad news is that we came in at #5.  The top five states for calling in sick were Oregon at #1, followed by Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas and finally Minnesota at #5. Wisconsin ranked # 8.

There was a nine way tie for states that called in sick the least. Vermont, Rhode Island, Delaware, Maine, Alaska, Wyoming, West Virginia, South Dakota and North Dakota all tied for the for states least likely to call in sick.

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