Most of us have auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance, etc. But, i bet you don't have alien abduction insurance, do you? Well, it's your lucky, and I use that term loosely, day.

There is a company in Florida, (where else?) called The St Lawrence Insurance Company, also known as UFO Abduction Insurance Company. They offer an insurance policy that includes 10 million dollars in coverage, should you be abducted by aliens.


The company claims to have sold 6000 policies since first launching the company in 1987. It might be a good deal to read the fine print of the policy. It states, in the event of an alien abduction, the company will pay you $1 a year for 10 million years.

I believe I will take my chances on this one. Oh, and for $5 extra, you can get a certificate to prove to everyone just how stupid you are.


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