It's that time of year where you should start getting your New Years resolutions in order. Personally, I made a resolution once to not make any more resolutions.


It seems no matter how much you want to change certain things about yourself, it's like swimming upstream with most resolutions.

I actually made one resolution the last several years but failed to implement it. My resolution, believe it or not, was to drink more. Yeah, that's right, drink more. It seems, my younger years as a bartender, may have slowly killed my urge to drink alcohol. Crazy, right?

Does anyone ever live up to their resolutions?  And why New Years. It's got to be the worst time to say you will quit drinking, smoking, eat healthy and exercise more. Chances are that on New Years Day these will be things you just don't feel like starting.

Do you ever make New Years resolutions?  Have you ever succeeded in keeping any of them?

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