Well, then.  If you swear a lot, and you have been looked upon like you are a horrible person, well, feel better because you are a GREAT FRIEND!  And as studies have shown, probably fairly intelligent as well.


It’s known for a fact that people who use swear words too much are frowned upon and considered as uneducated and rude. But it seems that we’ve been mistaken all along and this assumption is completely wrong.

It’s not uncommon for intelligent people to look at the world and society around them in a different way, quite the contrary. To our surprise, according to the latest research, they’re also prone to using profanities and even be creative at it, much more compared to regular people. It turns out that highly intelligent and educated people swear much more than dumb and less educated ones.

Doesn't that make you feel better?  Apparently go ahead and swear.  But not on the air, we could get in trouble for that...but anywhere else.. have at it!  And if people look at you funny, just say "I'm a really good friend".

Cheers! F***in' A!