The worker shortage in Central Minnesota and across the nation is encouraging employers to be a "Choice" employer.  Talent Director Gail Cruikshank from the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation joined me on WJON Today.  She says there are many characteristics of a choice employer and they include strong leadership, competitive pay, engaged workers, meaningful work, attractive company culture and an image that sets you apart.  Gail says "Choice" employers often are active in the community and allow for team building company activities that employees want to be involved with.

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Every work environment can be somewhat different.  Gail says there are a number of ways for employers to show that they have a positive work environment is through social media using professional sites like linked in, facebook or instragram.  Gail says employers "need to be present in the social atmosphere."  She says employers should be showing that their employees are doing great things and show what's going on with their company including pictures and activities.  Gail also says employees being active in recruitment of new employees is another example of a positive work environment.  She says if your current employees are happy they are active in promoting the company in the community.  Gail says an employee referral program gets employees to think "who's like me" when encouraging new hires.

Many companies are offering remote working opportunities and Gail this these have been popular.  She says some individuals are leaving jobs to take remote jobs which allow for the flexibility of working in the community you don't live in and it can also help with child care costs.

Gail Cruikshank joins me the 3rd Monday of each month at 8:15 a.m. on WJON.  Listen to today's conversation below.  Learn more about jobs in the St. Cloud area at


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