Johnny,Johnny, Johnny..... it was so funny today as he said that he doesn't like some of the jokes that people give him or that he hears because they are too lame.  You gotta wonder as someone who gives us Lame Joke Friday is picky about the said lame jokes.  What would constitute a lame joke to Johnny U?  That is the question as we head into this week's Lame Joke Friday.  Here we go.

Baxter made the comment that he thinks that Johnny always gives us the lamest joke first, then tries to better it by giving a much better joke for the second one.  Maybe he knows that the first one is so bad that we will think the second one is unbelievably awesome.  That exact theory hasn't actually worked yet.  But keep on tryin'.

Until next week when we get to give you 2 more lame jokes....


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