Pet peeve time!  Just fair warning!  So, I'm driving back here to the radio ranch and someone slows way down (doesn't move over at all) and I'm like what's going on in front of this guy?  Turns out the person was just going to turn.  Hence the slow way down part.  But- how about a turn signal before you slow that far down, and how about you signal BEFORE you actually turn.  Not like "oh, I'm turning, so I better signal now" deal.  It's so rude- inconsiderate.


Now sometimes I get not signally when you are in a turn lane, that seems obvious.  But when you are either going to be turning in front of someone, or you are the leader and someone will possibly go off course because you didn't signal, that is just straight up annoying.

Moving onto the drifters... the ones who move ever so slowly into the other lane.  Do they mean to?  Are they on their phone?  No signal, so I'm not sure.  UGH!

There is my pet peeve for the day regarding drivers in Cloudy.

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