We just got through a whole bunch of lockdowns, quarantine, staying away from eachother, and apparently eating more than we should.  So many people have gained what is being referred to as the "COVID 15" or more.  Time to lose those unwanted pounds.

So, you hit the gym and try to do what you can and get out of there.  At least that's what I do. I'm not one of those people who is at the gym to socialize.  I wear earbuds and just do what I need to do so I can get on with my day.  It's actually fairly non-social, but it's a necessity right now.

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When I'm there, I try to do the same things in order, but if that gets interrupted, it's no biggie, just move on to the next thing and come back to that one.  But when someone is just sitting there, hanging out on their phone doing NOTHING but occupying that piece of equipment, that's super annoying.  It's like use the thing, or get up and go somewhere else and hang out on your phone.  I do understand that people like to do multiple sets.  But you only need about 30 seconds inbetween.  When someone is hanging out for like 5 min or more doing that- very inconsiderate.

I don't want to be that "Karen" at the gym either.  I usually will just keep an eye on it and use it when available.  Totally Minnesota passive aggressive.  I know. But just be considerate when at the gym.

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