Sometimes it can be difficult to tell just how your boss feels about you. Wouldn't it be nice if their were some telltale signs. Not so much if he likes you but signs that he actually hates you. Here are a few signs that might help you out.

The coffee mug he gave you for Christmas says "World's Worst Employee."

Most of your meetings begin with him asking how you became such a complete waste.

You are the only one he doesn't sexually harass at work

Parking spot sign says, "Reserved for a Person I Hate."

You asked for a stand up desk, he took your chair away.


He introduces you at meetings as, "Shit-for-Brains."

Last Christmas bonus was a high five and a kick in the ass

His motivational speeches are just him telling the other employees not to be like you.

and finally,

Your boss is Donald Trump.

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