People tend to admit to being an optimist, while pessimistic people tend to not want to admit their pessimism.

Two thousand Americans were shown a glass that was exactly filled half way. 58% said the glass was half full. 16% answered half empty and the other 26% couldn't decide. Despite this, most considered themselves to be optimistic people.

The glass half full people were more likely to be more competitive, assertive, extroverted and more likely to be that chipper morning person.


Here are the top 6 things people do to set the stage for a "good day";

Start with a cup of coffee. A must in my world.

Getting enough sleep which is a major challenge for most working people.

A morning shower. Again a must to really wake up and feel good.

Cranking some tunes while getting ready or in the car on the way to work.

Having a breakfast that's a little on the light side instead of weighing yourself down with a heavy breakfast.

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