Anytime I hear about a pet being mistreated, abused, lost or just having an issue it always tugs at my heart.  In this case, a dog had fallen down a well, a 30 foot well in Redwood Falls.

The Redwood Falls Sheriff's department posted on their social media page that the dog had been rescued and was returned to it's owner.

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This is a great outcome for this pup.  And looks as though the dog is doing very well. That is great news. Because 30 feet is quite a fall, and the outcome could have been quite different.

Redwood County Sheriff’s Office, along with Morgan Fire Department, responded to a call for service regarding a dog who fell in a 30ft well. The dog was successfully rescued from the well and returned to the owner.

Dogs, and other pets really become a part of the family.  When you lose a pet, or it gets hurt, or whatever the case is, it's like one of the members of your family needs help. Generally people will do whatever they can to help their pet.  And thankfully, this situation had a positive outcome.

When you hear about someone mistreating any pet, it does really make you think that that person isn't a good person.  It's been said that pets will reflect their owners.  And to a certain extent, that is definitely true.

If you are looking to adopt a pet, check out the Tri County Humane Society. They have a lot of pets that needs homes.  Or, you can choose to foster a pet if you aren't in the position to adopt a pet on a permanent basis.  They are always looking for people to do that as well.  That gives an adoptable pet a home before the permanent home happens.

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