I got a chance this week to play baseball at Target Field with some of the biggest names in Twins World Series history. Hop on the field with me for this dream come true experience.

Being a broadcaster is by far the best job in the world, and has a few perks too! When the Minnesota Twins invite you to come play ball with Kent Hrbek, Dan Gladden, and Tim Laudner, you drop anything else and run out there.

Kent Hrbek and Barry Allen

Kent Hrbek is looking great and yes, those are both World Series rings (1987 and 1991) on each hand! We got to hang out and eat lunch, talking about everything under the sun.

Target Field is unbelievable to say the least. I grew up playing baseball and have never seen such an immaculate ball field. It's amazing how big the field looks from the stands, and how small it feels when you're on the turf. Everything, inside and out, is top-notch.

Catch with Dan Gladden

So far our Twins are impressive this year, a complete 180 degrees from last year. Hopefully you'll get a chance to get to a game this year and cheer them onto a playoff (hopefully!) spot.

Here's the video the Twins put together for us, highlighting our day on the field (see my sweet catch from Hrbek's hit at 1:03):