When we asked Central Minnesotans that have won their 'Dream Getaway' and where they wanted to go, we've gotten a variety of answers. An Alaskan cruise, a trek across Europe, and a lot of "I am not sure yet."

Maybe your 'Dream Getaway' is relaxing on a sun-drenched island in the Caribbean, sipping on a fruity adult beverage, without a care in the world. And if that particular Caribbean island happens to be Jamaica, then we have something in common. That was my 'Dream Getaway' for over 25 years, and it wasn't until 2018 that it finally happened.

Photo by David Black

How It Came To Be

Now, to be honest, my dream vacation wasn't 'completely fulfilled' so to speak. I had been working at a radio station in Las Vegas for a couple of years when I got the opportunity to broadcast my radio show live from Jamaica, so I didn't have to pay for anything, which was great. The downside was that my wife couldn't come with because they only covered my flight, plus we would have had to fly my mother down to stay with the kids. We just afford to pay for both of those flights at the time.

Photo by David Black


I Had a Great Time, But...

When they send you to places like that, it's not like they're sending you during the peak season when the weather is at its best. I was there in the middle of October. Don't go that time of year, that the wet season for Jamaica. We didn't get to experience a whole lot of sunshine. We had one legitimate day of sun with the occasional peak of it for an hour or two here and there. The rest was pretty much mostly cloudy with a few periodic downpours.  And the thing that bummed me out the most was that I never got to see a magnificent sunset over the ocean.

Photo by David Black


Still Had a Great Time

Besides the weather and the few hours of work I had to do every day, not that broadcasting from jamaica is much work, I had a fantastic time. It was my first experience I had never done that all-inclusive thing before. I do highly recommend that, by the way. There is nothing better than being able to eat and drink whenever you want (can you say burger and fries at 2 AM?). And we're talking about some excellent restaurants with some great food. And there is a strict no-tipping policy, so you don't have to worry about carrying cash around all the time.

Photo by David Black

Next Time Will Be Different

So I did get to go to my dream vacation place, I just didn't have my "dream vacation." That is still waiting for me. I want to go back to Jamaica and do it right. A vacation where my wife is with me, and we can do whatever because it's "our time." And I don't have to adhere to a pre-determined schedule, with places I have to go and things I have to do. Again, I am not complaining about the experience at all. It was fantastic. The resort was beautiful, and the Jamaican people are the friendliest people I've ever met. I shall return.

Photo by David Black

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Check out more photos from my trip to Negril, Jamaica below. This gallery will be updated soon with more pictures. Good luck on your quest to win your Dream Getaway.


Jamaica - A Dream Getaway Destination