There are a handful of adult beverages that I truly love. Among them, bloody Marys, martinis, and especially fine red wine. But if there’s one thing that I love more than a good red wine, it’s beer – dark beer to be exact. And no one makes dark beer as well as Minnesota’s very own Surly.

I recently had the opportunity to try their Mortal Sun American Porter. Surly has always set the bar high for making quality craft beer, and it should come as no surprise that the Mortal Sun is nothing short of exceptional. Coming in at 5.5% ABV, it’s actually quite palatable.

Not that their other beers aren’t, but some of their other dark brews like Darkness, or even their Coffee Bender are tailor made for serious beer consumers that can handle the bold, pronounced flavor. It’s an acquired taste. However, I firmly think that even the occasional drinker could enjoy the Mortal Sun.

It’s the lightest dark beer I’ve ever had, though you wouldn’t be able to tell by its rich, brown color. It’s the lightest dark beer in that it isn’t thick and filling like many other concoctions on the dark end of the spectrum.

It’s a beverage you could drink all night without feeling bloated or too full, but it doesn’t sacrifice the rich flavor that a darker beer should have. The Mortal Sun is one of my all time favorites from Surly. This one is worth trying no matter who you are. You can pick up a few cans with Surly’s latest variety pack.

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