Minnesota is one of those places that is famous for a number of things – Hockey, Prince, the kindness of it residents, and the ridiculous amount of snowfall we get. Something else we’re famous for (or should be famous for) is our incredible craft beer scene.

As someone who has seen a fair chunk of the globe, I can honestly say that Minnesota’s craft beer scene is second to none. Of course, it’s hard to talk about Minnesotan beer without mentioning the one and only – Surly Brewing. Surly sits atop the craft beer throne around here, and for good reason.

When it comes to new flavors, innovation, and detail to the art of brewing they’re paving the way for every other brewery around. I recently had the opportunity to try their new Grapefruit Supreme Tart Ale. I was a little skeptical at first, not because Surly has ever let me down before, but because I’m just not a fan of grapefruit to be honest.

However, in the context of an ale it actually tastes quite good. The Grapefruit Supreme clocks in at only 4.5% ABV, which for a Surly brew is pretty low compared to some of their other concoctions.

It sports a crisp, light texture with notes of citrus and grapefruit. Although their darker and heavier beverages are catered more toward the experienced beer connoisseur, the Grapefruit Supreme is perfect for the casual beer drinker who is looking for their “to-go-to” summer drink. I recommend this bad boy to anyone.

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