I’m firmly convinced that the most important socio-political issue of our time is climate change. Sorry, but the science is in and humans are destroying the planet. It sucks. But hey, if we’re lucky maybe we can colonize Mars (cue Elon Musk.)

Obviously, having to fly the entire human species to a completely different planet should probably be more of a back-up plan than plan A. I think we can all agree that a much more effective method would simply be to start thinking a little more eco-friendly on about our home planet.

Climate change might take first place for most important issue at the moment, but drinking beer is a close 2nd. If we don’t continue to drink beer carbon emissions and co2 levels will sky rocket and send planet Earth plummeting into the next ice age! Ok, I’m kidding about that part.

But now is your chance to get involved with climate change while sipping on some locally made brews at the same time. Check out the “Brewing A Better Climate” event at the Surly Brewing Company in Minneapolis. Test your climate knowledge (or get some climate knowledge) at Climate Generation's Brewing a Better Climate fundraiser.

Come for the Surly; stay for climate-themed trivia, prizes from restaurants and sports teams, and interactive art. Proceeds benefit Climate Generation's local efforts to solve climate change. It lasts from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on April 16th.

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