I'm sure you heard about the new "enhanced" license that we were all supposed to get this year.  I heard lots of people groaning about the change needing to happen in January of this year.  The Real ID requirements would mean getting a new license in order to fly anywhere.  So, if you were planning to leave the country, you would need a passport... got that.  But now if you want to fly ANYWHERE you would need one of these new licenses.  We already had an extension until January from last year.  So, if you were like me, you still hadn't gotten a new one, and just dreading that there was yet one more thing to do before you could plan a trip anywhere.

Let's face it, I really just don't want to stand in line and wait.

Getty Images
Getty Images

But now- procrastinators unite!  We have gotten another extension.  The Real ID does not need to be done until 2020.  Which means you basically have another year and a half to change that outdated thing that is still in your wallet.

Now, if they could just do something about that expired passport that I have too.... maybe the thing to admit is that I really do have an issue with procrastination.

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