A drunken man camping in St. Croix State Park runs over tents and hits multiple campers overnight this weekend after an alleged domestic dispute.

The incident happened early Sunday morning just after 3am at St. Croix State Park. Callers to 911 reported a white SUV driving through the campground, then fleeing into the woods with a child.

38-year old Lonnie Jones was taken into custody after police arrived, and was arrested on suspicion of DWI and criminal vehicular operation. The boy was found with his mother and taken to the hospital for a checkup.

Fortunately severe storms were happening in the area and the tents that were hit were not being occupied. Many campers sought other shelter while the storms were passing through. This could have been a very devastating event otherwise.

Source: KSTP

I've been a camping enthusiast for many years, and sadly have seen something similar, with a golf cart among many other odd things. What's the oddest thing you've seen happen while camping? Jump on our Facebook page or comment below!

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