You would think with that title, the jokes would be stellar.  Nope.  Never is.  It's a let down every single week. Johnny!!  C'mon.  I don't think that he's going to have a career as a comedian.  BUT with that said, we look forward to his attempts at jokes every Friday.

He always brings in two jokes.  First one is always a warm up.  I'm convinced that he is aware of the fact that his jokes are terrible, so he brings in a back up.  I mean, did you listen to it?  The first one brought on the crickets, and the second one, well, it was equally as bad.  All this Summer he has warned us.... err I mean told us that he will have a gofl joke.

I guess that's true... it was a golf joke, with a bit of a twist.

Since he missed last Friday, I thought he would have better jokes.  He had 2 weeks to prepare, after all.

Until next week... keep smiling!

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