Alice put this song out several weeks before the 1972 presidential election.  It was Richard (I am not a crook) Nixon against George McGovern. We all know who won that one. Actually, that was the first election I was able to vote.


Alice Cooper's management said they released this record before the election to piss off parents. Teens liked nothing better than pissing off their parents back then.

Alice also claimed he too was running for the presidency and even listed a few things he would do if elected.

Add Lemmy to Mt Rushmore

No more pencils, no more books

No more selfies

Cooper said he never really wanted to actually be elected, saying that would be his own personal Hell.

John Lennon told Cooper he loved the record and thought it was great.  That's pretty high praise. Lennon also added that McCartney probably would have done it better.

Anyway, enjoy this great tune from Alice Cooper and be sure and vote today.


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