FOLEY (WJON News) - There are three names on the ballot for the two open seats on the Foley city council. Here's what they had to say about the campaign so far.

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Deborah Mathiowetz – Retired

Mathiowetz moved to the Foley area a few years ago to be closer to her daughter. She stresses that she’s a “new voice” for the council, as someone who has recently moved into the area. While Mathiowetz is very complimentary of the current council, she feels there needs to be a fresh voice on issues like spending.

I think we need to think about wants and needs when it comes to where we spend our money. If I have to go into my budget and say, “Well, this is a want, not a need, I can't get a new winter jacket, I have to pay my electric bill”.  I want to see that happening at the council level, too. I'm no better or worse than anybody else on that council. I'm just a new voice. And if you want a new voice, I'm the one you want to talk to.


Rosalie N. Musachio. Photo by Jeff McMahon - WJON
Rosalie N. Musachio. Photo by Jeff McMahon - WJON

Rosalie Musachio – retired lawyer

Musachio spent 40 years as an attorney in Toledo, Ohio, but has always had a family connection to the Foley area. She grew up in the Foley area, her three kids have graduated from Foley school, and she decided to retire in Foley because “small town living – you can’t beat it”. Musachio is a former Girl Scout leader, a member of the book club and the Briggs Lake Chain association, and recently got a grant to create a pollinator garden. Rosalie is finishing up her first term on the Foley City Council.

We have a good team at City Hall, and I think that we're making decisions for the next 100 years. It's really exciting. How does a community thrive and continue; what will keep it a good place to live with good property values and good

people? I'm excited for Foley, I think this is a period of some change, but also some investment in the future. I hope to be a part of that.

Gary Swanson - Photo by Jeff McMahon, WJON.
Gary Swanson - Photo by Jeff McMahon, WJON.

Gary Swanson – Retired Truck Driver

Swanson is no stranger to the Foley City Council, spending two terms on the council in the 1980’s before being appointed to the seat he was appointed to a few years ago. A lifelong resident of Foley, he ran a successful trucking company in the area until his retirement.

I've always said I've got room for common sense and compassion. Those are two words that stuck with me. I think we get, in politics, a little overbearing and we forget about the people that pay taxes, including myself, and we lose a feeling there. So I would say I I'm going to work for them, as well as our city. Does the city come first? Of course it does. But I won't forget those that pay the taxes.

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