SARTELL (WJON News) -- The two people running for election in House District 13B are the incumbent Republican Tim O'Driscoll and the Democratic challenger Melissa Bromenschenkel. Both candidates live in Sartell.

O'Driscoll is finishing his sixth term in office. He says a top issue for him for the district is improving the roads, especially in the rural part of the district.

On the issue of crime, O'Driscoll says we can start by enforcing the laws already on the books.

One of the things that we need to do is we need to enforce the laws.  If you do the crime you need to do the time.  We've got people doing the crime and they are not doing the time.  That just tells you there are no consequences.

O'Driscoll says the state needs to invest in retaining and recruiting more police officers.

Bromenschenkel says the perception of rising crime is not matching reality.

I haven't seen what I consider a rise in crime.  There might be a higher crime rate reported, but I haven't seen it.  What I've seen is more communities banding together.

On the issue of higher education, O'Driscoll says he'd like to see even more collaboration between the St. Cloud Technical and Community College and St. Cloud State University.

You've got the St. Cloud Tech College busting at the seams and literally down the street just four miles you have St. Cloud State University that has excess space.  Why wouldn't we repurpose that space to be able to help with our capacity issues at the tech college?

O'Driscoll is also in favor of allowing 16 and 17 year olds work on a construction site in a limited role.

Bromenschenkel says the state needs to invest more money into public education.

There are not enough teachers, there are not enough paraprofessionals, and the ones that we have are underpaid and overworked.  We need to get them some help, and our kids' education is suffering because of it.

Bromenschenkel is also in favor of raising the state's minimum wage.

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On the topic of the state's budget surplus, besides more funding for education, Bromenschenkel supports rebate checks for Minnesotans.

O'Driscoll wants to eliminate the Social Security Tax and lower the income tax rates and property tax rates. He also wants more money for transportation and infrastructure.

Bromenschenkel is running for public office for the first time. She says she decided to run after the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Roe versus Wade. She says she'd like to see a constitutional amendment in the state that would guarantee abortion rights in Minnesota.

O'Driscoll says he doesn't expect any major legislation on abortion right away.

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