Embarrass, otherwise known at the "Ice Box" because it's so cold, has had a man who has been recording the weather a few times a day during the winter months.  His name is Rowland Fowler, and he has loved his job.  I honestly cannot imagine why.  SO cold.  He said the coldest he can remember was in January of 1996.  It was 57 below- actual temperature.  Wow!


Fowler is in his 80s now and has decided that it's time to turn the job over to someone else.  Any takers??

The job will not only have to go to someone else, but the new spot has to be about the same temperature as the old spot... just to keep the integrity.  Makes sense.  Apparently they have found a place.  It will now be recorded at Trapline Convenience and liquor store.

Google Maps

Apparently through the years the temperatures have been within a degree of each location, so it seems like a good spot to keep recording the temperature.

One update, Fowler has to call in his readings to NOAA, but now with the new system, it will be uploaded on a computer.  Technology has reached Embarrass, Minnesota!

Here's to the beginning of Spring... eventually.