As the saying goes, "All good things come to an end." Is this the end for the Bartz Brothers from New Brighton, Minnesota? A post from the brothers to social media indicated that this year's extremely short season could put the snow sculptors out of business from the sounds of it. But the brothers are leaning on community support to hopefully get them over the financial hump.

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Temps reached 50 degrees today, so today might be our last day open.  Even with 4 guys on upkeep, we are unable to keep up with repairs. It's melting very fast.
If you want to see Sparky come by today! IT MIGHT BE YOUR LAST CHANCE!
We are open until 10pm.
We still have to run the final numbers, but we still have not covered our costs of the build(employees, supplies, signage, equipment). We have only been open 10 days compared to 30-40 days in the past. The adverse weather & lack of snow also greatly increased construction costs.
Any donations would be greatly appreciated... as this year dictates the future of our snow sculptures.


Check or cash (mailed or at sculpture )
Thanks for the support!
- Bartz Bros

This year the Bartz brothers moved their snow sculpture out of the neighborhood where they have built in years past for a new site, at the city's municipal golf course, off a heavier trafficked road. Also helping the snow sculptures in past years, in terms of attendance, was the fact that the Ice Castles were also in New Brighton up until this year when they moved to Maple Grove.

In the social media post from the Bartz brothers, there was one line that seemed telling, at least to me.

Any donations would be greatly appreciated... as this year dictates the future of our snow sculptures.

Hopefully, people come through for these young men, otherwise, it seems like this might have been possibly the last year of mega snow sculptures in New Brighton.

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