The Minnesota Vikings are saying that defensive end Everson Griffen is on indefinite leave, and add that the team is concerned about his well-being following reported incidents involving Griffen on Saturday afternoon.

Griffen was officially ruled out of Sunday's game against the Bills due to a knee injury, but reports of Saturday afternoon's incidents have complicated the situation. Griffen was not on the sidelines Sunday which raised some eyebrows.


Reports claim that Griffen, who had been staying at the Hotel Ivy in downtown Minneapolis threatened to shoot employees if they did not let him into his room. Police were called, but no gun was found and no arrest was made.

Minnesota Vikings GM Rick Spielman released the following statement:

We are aware of the situation involving Everson Griffen and certainly concerned by what we have heard. We are currently focused on Everson's well-being and providing the appropriate support for him and his family.

The Vikings face the Rams Thursday night in Los Angeles.

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