Remember the days of going to movies and there are some definite good things, like giant screen, surround sound like none other... then there are the bad things.  Like the annoying kid behind you kicking your seat, or screaming, whispering in a stage get the idea.

Screaming Kid

But now there is a game changer- dream lounger seating!  MOA took away the theatres a few years ago, and now they are adding them back along with some food options. That will make it so much more comfortable to see a movie on the big screen again and not have to worry about the annoying kid behind you...Mostly because there is a ton of room between rows.  It's so nice.

dog watching tv on the couch
Credit: thinkstock

Our own theatre here in town is also getting in on that action.  Parkwood 17 is in the process of changing over their theatres to the Dream Lounger.  They did have one, but now you will be able to enjoy reclining seating in all the theatres there.

Wonderful, right?   Kinda like just staying home... only better.

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