ST. PAUL (WJON NEWS) - Xcel Energy has withdrawn a plan to build more than 700 electric vehicle charging stations statewide.

The company withdrew its “Clean Transportation Portfolio” plan on June 1st, shortly after the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved a much smaller rate increase than the company was asking for.

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The $197 million price tag for the project would have come from Xcel energy ratepayers.

Jay Smith, Charge Ahead Partnership Executive Director, praised the withdrawal.

Xcel was trying to take over Minnesota’s EV charging marketplace, which would have reduced infrastructure and service while raising prices for Minnesotans. Thankfully, there has been enough public pushback and scrutiny from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission that Xcel was forced to back down and withdraw this outlandish request.

The Charge Ahead Partnership, a coalition of retailers, gas stations, and convenience stores testified against the plan.

Smith says it’s a win for Xcel’s ratepayers.

This is a win for Minnesotans. Xcel’s attempt to extend its monopoly into the EV charging marketplace would have burdened all Xcel customers with higher power bills and discouraged private investment in EV charging.

Officials with the Charge Ahead Partnership claim many existing gas stations are willing to offer EV charging, but were hesitant to invest knowing they’d be competing with a power monopoly.




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