When I was a kid, I went through several different toy phases: Beyblades, light sabers, and Yu-gi-oh cards, to name a few. But one of my favorite ways to spend my time and exercise my creativity was playing with Legos.

For adults that didn’t grow up with them, Legos probably seem like a pretty dumb toy, but for those of us who did grow up with them, there’s a deep sense of nostalgia. Although my Lego building days are long behind me, I know several people who still buy them who are older than you’d think.

My 17 year old brother recently started buying Star Wars Lego sets and now he’s addicted. I’m telling you, Legos are fun! Not to mention, the amount of astonishing things you can build with them are endless. A simple Google search will attest to that.

Well dear reader, if you too are a fan of these cool little blocks, I have great news. The “Towers Of Tomorrow With Lego Bricks” exhibit will be coming to the Science Museum of Minnesota in St. Paul.

It’ll showcase world famous replicas of buildings such as The Empire State Building and The Skytree Tower that are completely made of Legos. Admission is free with basic museum admission costs. My inner child is ecstatic just thinking about it.

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