Last weekend we took a trip to the twin cities area for the weekend. One word.  Construction.  Wow!  Definitely something that you need to plan ahead for.  Luckily when we were driving it was totally out of prime traffic time, so it wasn't too bad.  But I can really see that it's going to be completely congested this summer.

The upside is that when it done (expected to be this coming November) there will be an extra lane and that will really help keep the traffic flowing, but for now it's going to be a real traffic headache.

The construction is on both sides of I-94, depending on where you are.  There will be a lot of headaches if you are travelling from West of Clearwater to somewhere North of St. Cloud.  Like to the lakes area. Make sure you are adding about another half hour to 45 minutes to your normal drive time.  That is barring any other issues, like an accident, or just someone parked along side of the road with a car problem.  "Rubberneckers" is the problem there.

According to MnDOT, I-94 between Maple Grove and Clearwater is undergoing three improvements and upgrades along 39 miles of road.  "We are adding travel lanes, rebuilding bridges, constructing access lanes, improving drainage, adding an interchange, and resurfacing deteriorating pavement," a statement on MnDOT’s website reads.

Also make sure that you are paying attention to the exits and where the road is now splitting.  Especially if you are in the Maple Grove area.  If you are not paying attention, your trip could be even longer because you missed your turn-off.

"If they’re trying to exit at Weaver Lake Parkway or Maple Grove Parkway in Rogers, they’re going to have to get into one of those two right lanes. If they get into the left lane, which is the eastbound side, then they’ll be able to shoot straight through and bypass all of the exits," said Aeikens. "There won’t be an opportunity to exit until you get to St. Michael." 

Obviously, there are slow downs in the construction zones too- this will add to the delays.  But no one will be working on holidays.  This even includes the Fishing Opener which is May 15th weekend.

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