Unfortunately, the golden age of music is long behind us. If I could travel back in time to the days of Aerosmith, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles, I would’ve jumped in the time machine by now. Now-a-days, most pop music is produced “artificially” so to speak.

It’s all about computer generated beats and auto-tuned vocals that sport less than insightful lyrical content. I really, really despise it. Back in the day, it took an unprecedented level of talent to achieve success in the music industry, and very few people were as gifted as the one and only – Frank Sinatra.

Well now is your chance to experience the life story and music of Mr. Sinatra in person at the “From Ava To Eternity” musical. It will tell the story of his professional rise and fall from grace, his tempestuous romance with Ava Gardner, and will illuminate the complex psyche behind his piercing blue eyes and unforgettable voice.

Not to mention, you’ll be hearing all of his most famous songs performed in person. “From Ava To Eternity” performances will be taking place every Wednesday and Thursday from March 14th to May 24th. Each rendition lasts roughly two hours, starting at 1 PM and lasting until 3 PM at the Ives Auditorium in Bloomington, Minnesota. Tickets start at $30 and are on sale now.

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