I love caves.  They are so cool.  You can feel a bit like a professional explorer when checking these things out.  You don't have to drive too far to see a giant cave system here in Minnesota.

Mystery Cave is located in Preston, Minnesota which is about 3 hours from St. Cloud, just South of Rochester.  It is part of the Forestville/Mystery Cave state park.

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The tours for Mystery Cave are available for either walk-in tours or you can make a reservation.  The reservation route is the recommended way during the summer months.  This is when the cave is busiest.  That time runs through September 7th.  From September 8th through October 23, the cave tours are available every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays. During the busy times tours run every 20 minutes, during the less busy times the tours will run hourly.  You can check the schedule and get more information on the Explore Minnesota website. There are 13 miles of underground passages.  Plus, a lantern tour is available.  Cool, right?

If you are interested in doing some of the other tours there are some things to remember. First, there are no restrooms located in the cave.  Take care of that before going on the tour.  Also, no matter how warm it may be outside, the cave is about 48 degrees.  Dress accordingly.  Also, probably ditch the sandals.  The best idea is to wear a pair of sturdy walking shoes while on the tour.

If you haven't checked out a cave... like ever... this one is relatively close, and is worth the drive.

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