Everyone has their own unique taste in music. Personally, I love progressive and classic rock. Tool, Pink Floyd, Mastodon, and Foo Fighters are among my favorite groups. I know when naming off your favorite music, it’s natural to gravitate towards the bands and artists that are international acts.

However, one of my all time favorites just so happens to be native to the land of 10,000. I’m talking about The Fabulous Armadillos. If you’ve been a Minnesotan for more than 6 months, then you already know who these guys are. I’ve seen their Pink Floyd tribute show twice so far, and it is quite possibly the greatest live show that I’ve ever seen (and as someone who is an avid concert attendee, I don’t say that lightly.)

Needless to say, I’m pretty excited for their upcoming “Stadium Rock” show. It’s taking place at Pioneer Place in St. Cloud. There will be 10 different performances of the show between January 21st and February 8th. You can order a ticket online now for as little as $37.

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