Chlorine could be rather expensive this summer.

laura bradshaw
laura bradshaw

There was a fire in a factory in Louisiana that could make prices jump and also create a shortage of chlorine all over the country including Minnesota. So, if you have a pool. or a hot tub, or whatever you would be using chlorine for, stock up now, because it may not be readily available later.  Plus, if you do find some, it could be rather expensive.  This includes liquid chlorine and also the pucks that people use in pool skimmers.

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The higher demand was already happening last year when so many people were adding pools in their backyards.  If you have to stay home, you might as well have some fun. So, people were adding pools.  This increased the demand for chlorine.

This fire that happened at a factory in Lousiana actually happened in August of last year.  It's just taken this long to see exactly what kind of an impact this has had on the demand for chlorine.  And it does seem to be significant.

Now that the summer pool season is poised to begin, pool owners should embrace for a jump of about 58% from June through August, compared to the same period a year earlier, according to IHS Markit data cited in a Goldman Sachs report on the chlorine shortage.

So, if you are someone with a pool or a hot tub at your house- might be time to stock up before the HUGE demand happens...and you know it's coming.

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