Anytime I see something like this it makes me sad. Especially when it's a small, family owned local business.

There is a sign posted in the Granite Edge Cafe in Rockville stating that after 17 years... almost two decades in business, they will be closing after December 31st.

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A recent post on their Facebook page stated that they were needing to change and reduce their hours because of a worker shortage... just like several other businesses.  And now, the owners are retiring.  And unfortunately, instead of someone else able to take over the business, they are closing.

This is just a reminder that anytime you have a chance to patronize a locally owned business, you should try and do that.  Whenever we have asked the St. Cloud area, and Central Minnesota in general, about what businesses/restaurants you would like to see come to the area there are so many comments and suggestions for locally owned, mom and pop type restaurants and businesses.  But in order to have that happen, you need to also make sure to shop and eat at these smaller businesses.

This is one of the things that I love about small towns - things like this. That is, when they are able stay in business.  It's the "family feel" that you get when you eat or shop at the "mom and pop" cafes, diners and small businesses.

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