We have all heard that fanny packs are horrible, awful fashion statements.  I'm not sure why, and I have never used one, but I can see how they would be helpful at something like a festival.

Now comes this little feature... fanny pack sandals.  Basically it's soccer sandals with a pouch on the top.  There is no way I'm wearing/using these either.  But maybe they would be a good thing... at the beach?  A festival?  Wandering the mall?

fanny pack sandals

They are just ugly.  Would you wear them?  Especially after I just said they were super ugly.

Maybe I just think they are bad because I don't even like soccer sandals in general.  They are just never attractive.  Also- wondering if they would be sort of hot... like too warm with all of that extra material on the top of your foot in the hot summer heat.

And what would you put in there?  Is the space big enough for a smart phone?  Are the tops wate'r resistant?  So many questions.  Not sure why I have all of these questions cuz I'm NEVER wearing these things.

Would you?

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