Athletes, Actors and Musicians. The best of the best in those professions have one primary thing in common, the amount of time they practice their craft. 

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Whether it’s building muscle memory or strengthening a particular part of their body or game, the commitment to get better, bigger, and stronger is such a key part of their success.  

Another reason you practice so much is so you can be ready for the unexpected. No matter who you are, plans don’t always fall into place like you wanted them to. Practice helps the athlete, musician or actor be able to react when things go off the mark. 

I guess you could say that things went astray in Winona last Tuesday night at a High School track meet. During the last event of the night, about half-way through that event, the lights went out.  

Fans quickly came to the aide of the runners who were on the track. The fans grabbed their cell phones and went track side and turned on their flashlights so the runners would be able to see where their lanes were.  

The more fans went trackside, more fans followed suite. A couple of the runners said they felt lost when the lights first went down, one of them even commented that no amount of practice prepares you for something like that.  

The final event was a relay event, and those runners who completed their portion of the run, grabbed their phones and helped shed more light on the track.  

The goal was for one team to win, but for that to happen, everyone had to become a part of a bigger team to pull that off.  

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