A new survey asked people what fashion trends should go away forever and never return. There certainly have been some hideous fashion trends in the past and it's jsut as well they went away, but will they stay away?

Mullets, short up front and a party in the back, remember those. Except for the occasional hockey player, they've pretty much disappeared.

The puffball shirts from the 80's can stay away, too.  Remember the Seinfeld episode where they made fun of those ugly pirate shirts?

Valour tracksuits seemed to hang around awhile and are hopefully gone for good, but I wouldn't bet on it.


Crocs, You know, the shoes where all your dignity leaks out through those holes.

Speaking of loss of dignity, how about matching his & hers outfits. You totally have my permission to put a bullet in my head if you catch me caught up in that madness,.

Finally, I know some people still like them but I ner liked them when they were in style. I'm referring to bell bottoms.  When I look down, I want to see my shoes.

I'm hoping none of these come back but it seems fashion goes in cycles, so we'll see.

(SWNS Digital)

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