Again, who are these people who have the job of giving surveys/polls to people just to find out random crap like this??  But anyway, with that being said let's move on to favorite sitcoms by state.


Minnesota- Friends.  Wasn't surprised by that at all.  Of course it was Friends.  Who do you know of that didn't watch all or at least a good part of that show?  And, will still quote parts of it in regular conversation?

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Seinfeld- I thought that would be more popular than it was, but actually Fresh Prince of Bel-Air came in second.  Will and Grace is on the list, along with King of Queens, Home Improvement and weirdly- Step by Step.  That was a blended family show sort of like the Brady Bunch.  The one state that was watching that one with crazy popularity was Pennsylvania.  Why?  Ohio was of course partial to the Drew Carey Show.  No big surprise there, as it was all about Cleveland.

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None of the shows that I thought would have been popular in NYC were... except I wasn't that surprised with the fact that the most popular was Seinfeld.  After all, it does take place there, but so do many of the others.  Maybe just not so obviously so.

Anyway- as you may be watching Netflix this weekend with the lovely weather we have forecast.  Cold, rainy... great time to binge watch some 90s sitcoms that you may want to see again.